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17 October 2023 - Long-duration energy storage - Oral evidence

Committee Science and Technology Committee (Lords)
Inquiry Long-duration energy storage

Tuesday 17 October 2023

Start times: 10:00am (private) 10:15am (public)

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Committee to take evidence on business models for long-duration energy storage

The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee will hold its third evidence session for its inquiry into long-duration energy storage.

The Committee will hear from experts on the energy system as a whole, including the Energy Transitions Commission, as well as actors and investors in the private sector, including HSBC, KPMG, and the Long Duration Energy Storage Council.

The session will focus on the potential business models that could apply to long-duration energy storage projects. Members will seek to understand the potential of a long-duration energy storage industry and any barriers to its potential success. They will ask what policy or subsidy support would be needed to make these projects viable as investments and how to unlock private investment in long-duration energy storage.

Meeting details

At 10:00am: Private discussion
Inquiry Long-duration energy storage
At 10:15am: Oral evidence
Inquiry Long-duration energy storage
Director at Energy Transitions Commission
At 11:15am: Oral evidence
Inquiry Long-duration energy storage
UK Head of Climate Change at HSBC
Director of Policy and Partnerships at Long Duration Energy Storage Council (LDES Council)
Vice Chair and Head of Energy and Natural Resources at KPMG

Possible question areas

  • What role will long-duration energy storage ultimately play in a fully-decarbonised grid? What role would hydrogen have in a Net Zero energy system?
  • What are the regulatory issues for projects like long-duration energy storage to get established and connected to the grid?
  • How can policymakers design a viable business model for long-duration energy storage projects?
  • Are there any policy changes which could be effective in supporting the deployment of long-duration energy storage technologies at scale?

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Room 4, Palace of Westminster

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