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14 September 2023 - Future cancer - Oral evidence

Committee Health and Social Care Committee
Inquiry Future cancer

Thursday 14 September 2023

Start times: 9:00am (private) 9:30am (public)

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MPs to examine UK’s status in cancer research

MPs consider the UK’s status as a world leader in cancer research and how that can be maintained. Four renowned specialists in cancer research are expected to be questioned on the significance of the Government’s decision for the UK to rejoin the EU’s Horizon science programme, and whether other interventions might be necessary.

Meeting details

At 9:00am: Private discussion
Inquiry Future cancer
At 9:30am: Oral evidence
Inquiry Future cancer
Regius Professor of Medicine at Oxford University
Chief Science Officer at Medical Research Council
Executive Vice President of Oncology Research & Development at AstraZeneca
Head of the Division of Radiotherapy and Imaging at Institute of Cancer Research

The third session of the Committee’s Future cancer inquiry is expected to explore barriers to pre-clinical and clinical research including access to data, the NHS culture around research and clinical trial recruitment.

The Committee exames innovations with the greatest potential to transform cancer diagnosis and treatment for patients in the short, medium and long term, and how they can best be transitioned into frontline clinical settings.


The Grimond Room, Portcullis House

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