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4 September 2023 - The UK and the Arctic Environment - Oral evidence

Committee Environmental Audit Sub-Committee on Polar Research
Inquiry The UK and the Arctic Environment

Monday 4 September 2023

Start times: 4:00pm (private) 4:15pm (public)

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Science Minister to be quizzed on UK Arctic research

Science Minister George Freeman MP will be giving evidence to the Environmental Audit Sub-Committee on Polar Research, as MPs conclude its evidence gathering on The UK and the Arctic Environment.

The Arctic environment is incredibly vulnerable, and it has been warming much faster than the rest of the world. Average temperatures in the Arctic are already 3 degrees Celsius warmer than they were in 1979, with major areas of the Arctic Ocean warming at least four times as fast as the global average. Analysis published earlier this year highlights that the Arctic is likely to be ice-free in September by the 2030s, with 90% of the melting resulting from human-caused global warming.

Meeting details

At 4:15pm: Oral evidence
Inquiry The UK and the Arctic Environment
Minister of State (Minister for Science, Research and Innovation) at Department for Science, Innovation and Technology

Likely areas of questioning

During the evidence session, the Committee will examine the UK’s relationship with the Arctic environment, UK research on monitoring the effects of climate change in the Arctic and how the Government is approaching the subsequent risks for the UK. Members will discuss with the Minister the contribution that UK science makes to understanding the Arctic, how UK science can be supported, and how the Government uses Arctic research in policy. They will explore the impact of the UK’s departure of the Horizon Europe research programme and the Government’s future intentions for international scientific collaboration.

The session will also consider the changing geopolitical situation in the Arctic, following global tensions with Russia, and the UK’s interests in Arctic resources.


Room 15, Palace of Westminster

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