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19 June 2023 - Enabling sustainable electrification of the UK economy - Oral evidence

Committee Environmental Audit Committee
Inquiry Enabling sustainable electrification of the UK economy

Monday 19 June 2023

Start times: 4:15pm (private) 4:30pm (public)

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Why can it take so long for a renewable energy project to connect to the grid? MPs quiz the UK’s first Electricity Network’s Commissioner

Last month, the Environmental Audit Committee warned that in some cases  solar energy projects will have to wait for up to 15 years to connect to the electricity grid to help power the UK.

On 19 June the Committee will quiz Nick Winser CBE, in his capacity as a National Infrastructure Commissioner, on  how to develop the strategic infrastructure needed to make Great Britain’s electricity grid fit for a Net Zero future.

Meeting details

At 4:30pm: Oral evidence
Inquiry Enabling sustainable electrification of the UK economy
Commissioner at National Infrastructure Commission
Assistant Director at National Infrastructure Commission

In this introductory session, MPs will explore with Mr Winser the challenges and opportunities for the grid in the 21 Century, whether changes are necessary to the regulatory and governance framework, and whether the infrastructure is ready to make net zero Britain a reality. They are also likely to reflect on recent news that ‘zombie’ projects could in future be kicked off the waiting list  for a grid connection if they aren’t progressing fast enough.


Room 15, Palace of Westminster

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