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24 May 2023 - The venture capital market - Oral evidence

Committee Treasury Committee
Inquiry The venture capital market

Wednesday 24 May 2023

Start times: 2:00pm (private) 2:15pm (public)

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Treasury Committee investigates regional disparities in venture capital funding

The Treasury Committee will examine regional disparities in venture capital funding at 2.15pm on Wednesday 24 May.

Meeting details

At 2:15pm: Oral evidence
Inquiry The venture capital market
CEO at Mercia Asset Management
CEO at British Patient Capital
Executive Chair at Future Planet Capital
Co-Founder & CEO at Aceleron Energy

London has less than 20 per cent of SMEs in the UK, yet receives 50 per cent of equity deals. Continuing their inquiry into the venture capital market, MPs on the cross-party Committee will explore the disparities between accessing venture capital funding in different regions across the UK and solutions to solve such imbalances.

MPs will examine the sources of funding and whether access venture capital funding can be based on ‘who you know’. Speaking to business founders, the Committee will also gather views on scaling up with venture capital funding, regional inequality and diversity.


The Grimond Room, Portcullis House

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