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23 May 2023 - Recovery in Ukraine - Oral evidence

Committee Foreign Affairs Committee
Inquiry Recovery in Ukraine

Tuesday 23 May 2023

Start times: 2:00pm (private) 2:30pm (public)

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On Tuesday 23 May, at 14.30, the Foreign Affairs Committee will hold an evidence session on the challenges facing Ukraine in its recovery from the Russian invasion. The Committee will hear from expert witnesses, including the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Andriy Kostin.

Meeting details

At 2:30pm: Oral evidence
Work Recovery in Ukraine (Non-inquiry session)
Former UK Ambassador to Ukraine and Chairman, Steering Committee, Ukraine Forum, Russia and Eurasia Programme at Chatham House
Former Minister of Finance of Ukraine, and finance and restructuring expert
Associate Professor of Sustainable Urban Development, St Peter’s College at University of Oxford
At 3:15pm: Oral evidence
Work Recovery in Ukraine (Non-inquiry session)
Chief Economist at Dragon Capital, and Co-chair of the Board of the Directors at Kyiv School of Economics
Board Member at Anticorruption Action Center, and Co-Founder at International Center for Ukrainian Victory
Head of Investigations at The Kyiv Independent
At 4:00pm: Oral evidence
Work Recovery in Ukraine (Non-inquiry session)
Prosecutor General at Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine
Professor of Public International Law, St Anne's College at University of Oxford

The session will consist of three panels, each with a different focus. The first panel will explore the overarching context for Ukraine’s recovery and international efforts to support Ukraine. The second panel will consider the domestic challenges to Ukraine’s reconstruction and recovery.

The third panel will hear from the Prosecutor General of Ukraine on the legal issues surrounding Ukraine’s recovery. This panel will include discussion of the means of ensuring accountability for war crimes and possible routes to the use of Russian assets to support Ukraine’s recovery.

Witnesses will join in person and virtually.


Room 8, Palace of Westminster

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