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17 May 2023 - Policing of public protest - Oral evidence

Home Affairs Committee
Policing of public protest

Wednesday 17 May 2023

Start times: 9:15am (private) 10:00am (public)

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Police and Republic questioned on Coronation protest arrests

Meeting details

At 10:00am: Oral evidence
Work Policing of public protest (Non-inquiry session)
Temporary Assistant Commissioner, Met Operations at Metropolitan Police Service
Chief Constable, Protest Lead at National Police Chiefs' Council
At 10:45am: Oral evidence
Work Policing of public protest (Non-inquiry session)
Chief Executive at Republic
Barrister at Doughty Street Chambers
Night Stars Volunteer at Westminster City Council

The Home Affairs Committee holds a one-off session on the policing of public protests on Wednesday 17 May when it takes evidence from policing representatives, anti-monarchy protestors Republic and human rights lawyer Adam Wagner. The session has been organised in response to the policing of the Coronation, where 64 people were arrested including 52 based on concerns they were likely to cause disruption to the event. 

The Committee will examine the current policing approach for public protests, and in particular the practical operation of new powers introduced in the Public Order Bill. The session will focus on how the police assesses the balance between maintaining public order and protecting the right to protest. This will include what bar has been set for arrest, particularly for new offences such as those relating to ‘locking on’. It will also examine how the police engage with protestors ahead of planned protests to mitigate likely flashpoints. 


Room 8, Palace of Westminster

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