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17 May 2023 - Aviation Procurement - Oral evidence

Committee Defence Committee
Inquiry Aviation Procurement

Wednesday 17 May 2023

Start times: 2:00pm (private) 2:30pm (public)

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Are air force gaps leaving UK exposed? MPs to question Minister

Topics likely to be explored include how the Ukraine conflict has impacted the government’s approach to employing air power, and whether accepting capability gaps in aviation could leave the UK exposed in a future conflict.

Meeting details

At 2:30pm: Oral evidence
Inquiry Aviation Procurement
Director General Air at Ministry of Defence
Chief of the Air Staff Designate at Ministry of Defence

In the Defence Command Paper, published in 2021, the government announced cuts to aircraft numbers. MPs may ask the Minister whether the upcoming refresh of the Command Paper will consider reversing these cuts, in light of developments in European security since the paper’s publication.

Alongside senior military leaders, the Minister may also give evidence on the impact of cuts to the UK’s Air Mobility and Airborne Early Warning and Control Systems (AWACS) fleets, and whether delays to pilot training are likely to continue.


Room 16, Palace of Westminster

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