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22 February 2023 - Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft - Oral evidence

Committee Transport Committee
Inquiry Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft

Wednesday 22 February 2023

Start times: 9:30am (private) 9:30am (public)

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What ‘electric vertical take-off and landing’ aircraft will mean for transport policy – MPs to quiz experts

The Transport Committee will question experts on the development of electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft and the policy implications they will have.

Meeting details

At 9:30am: Oral evidence
Work Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft (Non-inquiry session)
Chief Strategy Officer at Vertical Aerospace
Future Flight Challenge Director at Innovate UK
Director of Safety Transformation at NATS
Principal Consultant for Aviation at Egis Group
Managing Director, UK and EMEA at Ferrovial Vertiports

Versions of the futuristic vehicles, typically built with rechargeable batteries, have so far included single-manned propeller aircraft and remotely piloted versions. 

EVTOL aircraft designs have been around for over a decade. NASA’s ‘Puffin’ personal assistance vehicle garnered attention in 2009, while a YouTube video showcasing a personal model produced by Jetson has received 16 million views

There are calls from industry for national and local government to begin setting out new policies to enable the aircraft to become a widely available means of time-saving and zero-emissions transport. 

A January 2021 article for the Royal Aeronautical Society reported that Airbus, Boeing, Toyota and Hyundai have investments in developing eVTOL aircraft. It also said that firms developing ‘urban air mobility’ – eVTOL vehicles designed for urban use – are forecast to have a market value in the US alone of over $300 billion within 20 years. 

The cross-party Committee will question witnesses on the regulatory changes that need to be established for a system of permits and certification for eVTOL, as well as on low-level air traffic flows, routing and to address safety concerns. 

There will also be questions on changes to the planning system needed for the construction of infrastructure, including charging facilities, to support the common use of eVTOL vehicles. 

MPs may ask the experts how the UK compares with other countries regarding moves to facilitate the new technology. 


The Wilson Room, Portcullis House

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