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31 January 2023 - Support for childcare and the early years - Oral evidence

Committee Education Committee
Inquiry Support for childcare and the early years

Tuesday 31 January 2023

Start times: 9:30am (private) 10:00am (public)

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Making childcare affordable – Education Committee holds first evidence session 

The cross-party Education Committee holds the first session of its inquiry into Support for Childcare and the Early Years with a panel of think tank and charity leaders.

Meeting details

At 10:00am: Oral evidence
Inquiry Support for childcare and the early years
Early Years Lead at The Sutton Trust
Head at Coram Family and Childcare
CEO at Early Years Alliance
Chief Executive at PACEY (Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years)

MPs examines the adequacy of universal and extended entitlements as well childcare subsidies in the tax and benefits system, including Tax-Free Childcare.

The 2022 Family and Childcare Survey showed that the average price of full-time nursery care for a child aged under two was over £270 a week.

The witnesses, including representatives from the Sutton Trust and Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years (PACEY), will be asked about problems with recruitment in the sector. MPs may highlight issues such as barriers to gaining qualifications, pay, and the Government’s recent consultation on lowering staff-to-child ratios in early years settings, previously seen by ministers as a way to reduce costs and improve availability of places.

There may be questions about how childcare can be used to improve young children’s development, and the feasibility of enhancing the training given to early years educators to support children with special educational needs and disabilities.

Witnesses will also be asked about the success of the Department for Education’s Family Hubs, launched in 2021, with £302 million budgeted to open Hubs in 75 local authority areas.

You can read more about the inquiry’s terms of reference here.


Room 15, Palace of Westminster

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