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Formal meeting (oral evidence session): Land Use in England

Land Use in England Committee
Land Use in England

Monday 20 June 2022

Start times: 3.30pm (private) 3.30pm (public)

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Lords Land Use Committee hears evidence on land use in Scotland and Wales 

The Committee holds the sixteenth and seventeenth evidence sessions of its inquiry into Land Use in England. In these sessions the committee will hear evidence on how Scotland and Wales deal with land use issues. In the sixteenth session the committee will hear from Hamish Trench, Chief Executive at the Scottish Land Commission, Max Hislop, Director at Clyde Climate Forest, and David Miller, Director of Land Use at the Hutton Institute. In its seventeenth session the committee will hear from Professor Kathryn Monk, Chair, Collaboration for Environmental Evidence at Swansea University, and Neil Hemington, Chief Planner for the Welsh Government.  

Meeting details

At 3.30pm: Oral evidence
Inquiry Land Use in England
Chief Executive at Scottish Land Commission
Director at Clyde Climate Forest
Knowledge Exchange Coordinator at The Hutton Institute
At 4.30pm: Oral evidence
Inquiry Land Use in England
Chair, Collaboration for Environmental Evidence at Swansea University
Director at RTPI Cymru

Possible Questions Include:

  • How do the Scottish and Welsh approaches to land use integrate and support wider government targets on issues relating to the environment?
  • How does your work intersect with the land use agenda and what international, national, regional and local regulation and other guidance you deal with on a regular basis?
  • What role can multi-functional approaches play in delivering better outcomes for nature and society?
  • The Committee has heard that the planning system is not fit for purpose in England. How does the Scottish and Welsh planning system and wider policies around planning and infrastructure work, and how does it help or hinder those countries’ land use strategies?

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Room 2, Palace of Westminster

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