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Formal meeting (oral evidence session): BBC future funding

Communications and Digital Committee
BBC future funding

Tuesday 8 March 2022

Start times: 2.15pm (private) 2.30pm (public)

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How should the BBC be funded? Lords ask academics and sector experts

The Communications and Digital Committee’s inquiry into BBC future funding continues, looking at the economic and broader social rationale for public service broadcasting.

Meeting details

At 2.30pm: Oral evidence
Inquiry BBC future funding
Professor of Journalism and Communication at Cardiff University School of Journalism, Media and Culture
Professor in the Economics of Innovation and Public Value at Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (IIPP), University College London (UCL)
Senior Lecturer in Sociology at Aston University

Possible questions

Possible questions and areas for discussion with witnesses include:

  • How have the notions of ‘public purpose’ and ‘public value’ changed over time with regard to broadcasting?
  • Should the BBC’s main purpose be to fix market failures?
  • What role does the BBC play in stimulating the creative industries?

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Room 4A, Palace of Westminster

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