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Committee publishes FCDO response to Gaza report

8 May 2024

International Development Committee publishes Government response to the report on the Humanitarian situation in Gaza.  

Chair comment

Chair of the International Development Committee, Sarah Champion MP, said:

“This response from Government is full of warm words on our report on Gaza and about the representations the UK is making - but they have still not said when funding to UNWRA will resume.

“Despite grotesque levels of civilian casualties and suffering, and direct military hits on journalists and aid convoys and personnel including British citizens, the Government says it is satisfied with Israel’s commitment to international humanitarian law. We reiterate our call for all possible evidence to be gathered now so the international community can adjudicate on that, not least as it has a direct impact on the legality of our arms sales to Israel."

“It is likely to take decades for the rebuilding of Gaza. The Government also rejected IDCs recommendation to host a pledging conference on this as they did for Ukraine. With the continued failure of the UK and wider international community to put in place the proper long-term plans for existing refugee host countries that the IDC has called for, the risk of wider regional instability taking long-term hold only gets higher."

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