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Committee opens inquiry on UK Government progress towards ending hunger worldwide

26 January 2024

On Tuesday the IDC will open evidence hearings in its new inquiry into the FCDO and wider UK Government’s work on hunger and nutrition around the world, and work towards achieving Zero Hunger by 2030 in line with its commitment to Sustainable Development Goal 2.

Purpose of the Session

UNICEF recently reported that half a million people face “catastrophic hunger” in Gaza now, and increasing hostilities in Yemen risk once again exacerbating longstanding issues of food insecurity and starvation there. What has been the impact of significant cuts to the UK aid budget?

In this first session the Committee will hear from organisations tackling hunger in their communities. It will hear their experience of hunger and what their communities need to end hunger and malnutrition. It will invite frontline support and relief groups to describe their experience of the FCDO’s work, its impact in helping to end hunger, and what future FCDO policy and strategy on malnutrition should look like.

The Committee has a particular focus on the impact of hunger and malnutrition on the most marginalised and impacted groups; on children, women and girls, and smallholder farmers.

Is the FCDO currently sufficiently focused on these groups, in line with its stated commitment to ‘Leave No One Behind’? What more needs to be done?


Tuesday 30 January 2024, Grimond Room, Portcullis House

At 2.30pm

  • Victor Mughogho, Executive Director at Eagles Malawi
  • Tariro Washaya Programme Manager at MeDRA (Methodist Relief and Development Agency) Zimbabwe

    At approx 3:10pm:
  • Abigail Perry, Director of Nutrition at World Food Programme
  • Florian Monnerie, Country Director for Action Against Hunger DRC at Action against Hunger

    At approx 3:50pm:
  • Dr Mairo Mandara, Global Leadership Council Member at United Against Malnutrition and Hunger
  • Grainne Moloney, Senior Nutrition Adviser at UNICEF

Further information

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