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DFID's new Disability Framework welcomed

3 December 2014

Rt Hon Sir Malcolm Bruce MP, Chair of the International Development Committee, has praised DFID’s newly released Disability Framework (PDF 771 KB):

“This ambitious framework establishes DFID as a world leader on disability. I am very pleased that DFID has endorsed my Committee’s key recommendations, including:

  • setting far-reaching plans to make its programmes more accessible;
  • strengthening its disability team, and providing extra disability training;
  • taking a strong stand with external partners.

“Credit should go to Rt Hon Lynne Featherstone MP for championing this topic during her time as a DFID minister. Although she has now moved on from DFID, this framework will act as her legacy.”

“DFID recognises that building a fully accessible aid programme will be a long journey, but this new framework is the first move towards improving the lives of tens of millions of disabled people in extreme poverty. At this crucial time for setting the future global development agenda, I hope other countries will follow DFID’s lead.”

Notes for editors

  1. The International Development Committee report on Disability and Development (PDF 687 KB) was published on 10 April 2014. In its formal response, issued on 27 June 2014, the Government undertook to produce a framework of commitments on disability. The framework was released today.
  2. Around one billion people - or 15% of the world’s population - are disabled, and the vast majority (80%) live in a developing country, where one household in every four has a disabled member. The marginalisation of these families holds back entire communities; disabled people are three times as likely to be denied healthcare, and over six times as likely to be out of school. 
  3. Over the coming year, UN Member States will undertake final negotiations on the successor to the Millennium Development Goals. The new goals will set targets for global development up to 2030.