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Call for aid and accountability in Ethiopia’s Tigray region

16 July 2021

The International Development Committee has published the government's response, to its recent report on the humanitarian situation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia.

The Committee's report, published in April this year, included recommendations calling on the government to:

  • use all diplomatic means at its disposal to help end the conflict, working multilaterally through the United Nations and the African Union, and bilaterally with the Ethiopian government, neighbouring states, and those involved in the conflict;
  • use its relationship with Ethiopia to ensure its government protects the population from violence and ensure immediate protection of communities in the region from human rights abuses, including sexual violence;
  • work with the appropriate authorities to enable access for independent monitors to Tigray to ensure that evidence of the crimes that have been committed is secured and to bring those who are responsible to justice; and
  • work with the Ethiopian government and the relevant regional authorities to ensure humanitarian agencies have unimpeded access to communities in need in Tigray and neighbouring regions.

In its response to the Committee Report, the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office agreed that the key priorities are to improve humanitarian access, reduce conflict and find a political solution.

The UK government said it would support UN and African Union human rights monitors to work with the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission to make sure there are independent, transparent and impartial investigations of alleged crimes.

The Chair of the International Development Committee, Sarah Champion MP, said:

“The situation in Tigray is dire and I continue to see troubling reports about what is happening on the ground.

“I welcome the government’s constructive response to our report. It's vital that the international community continue to press for an end to the fighting and do everything they can to bring about a lasting political settlement. The people of the region have suffered terribly already and a protracted conflict will make things even harder than they now are.

“I’m very concerned about the deeply upsetting reports of atrocities, killings and sexual violence. It is vital that these are properly investigated and the perpetrators brought to justice. That will mean ensuring access for investigators so that evidence can be collected and recorded”

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