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UK aid projects in Pakistan focused on education examined

13 May 2021

The International Development Committee (IDC) will continue its’ evidence hearings as part of the inquiry UK aid to Pakistan, focussing on education. 

Tuesday 18 May 2021 (Virtual meeting)

  • Session will be conducted with remote participation by witnesses and Committee members

At 2.30pm

  • Adnan Junaid, Country Director (Pakistan), International Rescue Committee
  • Fajer Rabia Pasha, Executive Director, Pakistan Alliance for Girls Education
  • Amir Ramzan, Country Director (Pakistan), British Council

Purpose of the Session

Members will hear from development stakeholders on the challenges and opportunities for UK aid projects focused on education. The Committee will consider whether UK aid is improving access to education for communities across Pakistan, especially for girls and marginalised communities. It will also look at whether UK funded education projects fit with the needs of communities, the objectives of the Government of Pakistan’s education programmes and the work of other international donors in country.

Earlier this year, the International Development Committee launched an inquiry into UK aid to Pakistan, exploring whether UK aid spending in the country is focused upon reaching communities most in need, achieving impact and delivering value for money. Pakistan’s development challenges are considerable; almost a third of Pakistan’s population lives in poverty (over 60 million people), with women most seriously affected. 22.6 million children do not go to school and half of the population, including two thirds of women, cannot read or write. Education formed the largest area of UK bilateral aid spending in Pakistan in 2019, and the UK Government has made girls’ education one of its seven focus areas for UK ODA spending.

Further information

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