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Call for evidence opened on impact of UK aid cuts

6 May 2021

Following a tumultuous month of UK aid news where the Government published outline plans for its aid spending in 2021-22 by thematic area, and media reports of UK aid cuts to programmes, the International Development Committee (IDC) has published the terms of reference of its inquiry exploring the aid cuts.


The terms of reference have been developed following evidence sessions with the Foreign Secretary and Permanent Under-Secretary at the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) on 26 January and 22 April, and with development stakeholders on 13 April.

Public evidence sessions will now be paused as written evidence is received and considered by the IDC.

Terms of reference

The Committee is inviting written evidence on the following issues by midday on 29 May:


  • The strategic targeting of UK aid spending, including the focus areas set out by the FCDO’s seven global challenges and their alignment with the conclusions of the Integrated Review
  • Whether these focus areas address the most pressing global development challenges
  • The effectiveness of the Government’s policy to focus ODA spending on countries where UK economic, security and development interests align


  • Changes to the administration of UK ODA, including the FCDO assuming responsibility for deciding the final departmental allocation of ODA and administering the majority of UK ODA
  • The split between bilateral and multilateral ODA spending, and the effectiveness of these channels for the delivery of UK aid


  • The FCDO’s approach to the process of implementing in-year changes to the aid budget during the 2020-21 financial year, including its communication with stakeholders
  • The FCDO’s approach to setting ODA budget allocations for the 2021-22 financial year, including its communication with stakeholders

Impact of the changes

  • Impact upon communities in lower income countries
  • Impact upon organisations implementing UK ODA programmes

Further information

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