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IDC evidence session on the philosophy and culture of aid postponed

4 February 2021

Due to Members wishing to attend business in the House of Commons chamber on, Tuesday 9th February, the Committee has agreed to postpone this session until 14:30 on Tuesday 23rd February.

As the International Development Committee (IDC) develops the terms of reference for its new inquiry on the philosophy and culture of aid, members will hear from six individuals from across the development sector on what direction they think the inquiry should take.

Inquiry launch and purpose of the session

This first session will allow members to explore with witnesses the possible priorities and terms of reference for its forthcoming inquiry. Following short presentations from witnesses, members of the Committee will explore the issues further in a question and answer format. The Committee will also seek to hear from individuals who are close to the frontline of programme delivery to inform this inquiry.

The International Development Committee is keen to learn where the its inquiry could add the greatest value to the debate on the UK’s development strategy and broader public discussion about the culture of aid. In broad terms, the Committee is interested in why the UK gives foreign aid and what the benefits are to countries such as the UK of having an aid budget. We also want to examine some of the problems and challenges that the aid sector faces and how aid delivery can be improved.

Today we are launching a call for written evidence submissions that help us to shape the next stages of this inquiry. The deadline for written evidence is Thursday 18 March 2021. After this date we will draw up more specific terms of reference and provide details of further ways that stakeholders can get involved with this work.

Tuesday 26 January 2021 (Virtual meeting)

  • Please note there is no physical access to Parliament
  • Session will be conducted with remote participation by witnesses and Committee members

At 2.30pm

  • Nana Afadzinu, Executive Director, West Africa Civil Society Institute
  • Arbie Baguios, Founder, Aid Re-imagined
  • Lena Bheeroo, Lead, Anti-racism and Inclusion, Bond, Committee Member, #CharitySoWhite, Working Group Member, The Racial Equity Index
  • Themrise Khan, Independent Development Professional
  • Dr Victoria Honeyman , Associate Professor of British Politics, University of Leeds
  • Professor Jamie Gaskarth, Professor of Foreign Policy and International Relations, Open University

Further information

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