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FCDO review of ICAI - Chair comments

16 December 2020

Commenting on the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office's review of the Independent Commission for Aid Impact (ICAI), International Development Committee Chair, Sarah Champion MP, said:

“I welcome and recognise the Foreign Secretary’s view that ICAI plays a vital role by providing strong independent scrutiny, supporting Parliament and helping improve UK aid.

“We welcome many aspects of this review, for example we look forward to taking up the invitation to join ICAI and FCDO in further consideration of what scoring system ICAI should use. We particularly commend the refreshing recognition that the impact of scrutiny rests on the behaviour of ODA-spending departments as much as on the performance of ICAI. This review looked at the transparency, openness and engagement of the FCDO and the rest of Whitehall, and says ‘could do better’, as well as proposing changes for the independent Commission to consider in relation to its focus and approach to consultation.

“It is concerning that sufficient account may not have been taken of the Commission’s all-important independence; especially as that is the specific role defined for it in the 2015 Act. The safeguarding of its independence is something previously allocated to IDC. We intend to continue with that role, as well as supporting and monitoring the evolution of ICAI’s own impact and effectiveness.

“My committee looks forward to considering its response to the review in more detail and discussing these matters, amongst other things, with the Foreign Secretary when he appears to give evidence on 26 January.”

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