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Syrian refugee crisis to be re-examined

26 October 2016

The International Development Committee will hold a one-off evidence session to follow-up on its previous Syrian refugee crisis Report. 

Forthcoming evidence session

The Committee will be taking evidence at 4.30pm on Monday 14 November from NGOs and Government Ministers/officials including:

  • resettlement from Europe of unaccompanied Syrian refugee children under provisions of the Immigration Act 2016 and the Dublin Regulation
  • Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Programme
  • UK Government oversight of the Syrian refugee crisis
  • refugees trapped in the berm
  • ‘stateless' position of Syrian refugee children born since the start of the war
  • refugees in host communities of Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey
  • banking for NGOs working in Syria
  • access for NGOs to Syria through Southern Turkey

Written submissions

Send a submission via the Syrian refugee crisis: follow-up evidence session page.

The deadline for written submissions is Monday 7 November 2016.

The Committee considers requests for reasonable adjustments to its usual arrangements for taking evidence and publishing material, to enhance access. Please contact or telephone 020 7219 1223.


In January the Committee published a Report on the Syrian refugee crisis. One of the main recommendations from the Report was that the Committee would welcome a decision by the Government in favour of resettling the 3,000 unaccompanied child refugees in Europe identified by Save the Children. The Government rejected this recommendation.
However since then the Government has gradually changed its position. In the spring the Government announced it would resettle 3,000 individuals from the Middle East and North Africa, and Lord Dubs' amendment was passed into the Immigration Act which allowed the Government to “relocate to the United Kingdom and support a specified number of unaccompanied refugee children from other countries in Europe”. On 4 May the Government announced that unaccompanied asylum-seeking children registered in Greece, Italy or France before 20 March would be eligible for resettlement.
Following the Syria and Aleppo emergency debate on 11 October, the Chair wrote to the Foreign Secretary to pursue his unanswered questions regarding Syrian refugees including the number of unaccompanied children who had been resettled under the provisions of the Immigration Act.

Further information

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