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Special Report on sexual exploitation and abuse published

5 December 2018

In July the International Development Committee called for DFID to lead the aid sector to confronting the horror of sexual exploitation and abuse.

The Committee is now publishing the Government's reply to its report and a letter to DFID responding to the Government's reply with further questions.


Pauline Latham MP, appointed by the Committee as ‘reply rapporteur' on the topic of sexual exploitation and abuse, said today:

"Sexual exploitation and abuse in the aid sector is a problem that cannot be resolved with quick fixes. In the International Development Committee's report, published in July, we advocated for a high level of sustained leadership from DFID and the UK Government in tackling this long-standing issue.

We thank the Government for its response to our report, which we are publishing today, and now the Committee will assess whether the commitments that have been made - by both the UK Government and other actors in the aid sector - are adequate for tackling the problem and will be implemented effectively. To that end, we are considering the Government's response carefully and have written to DFID today to ask some further questions arising from the reply. We will also be asking other relevant departments about the steps they are taking.

The Committee is intent on following progress in this area to ensure that, this time, the aid sector's efforts to end this appalling problem do in fact lead to sustainable, meaningful change. We look forward to the Government's response to our questions.”

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