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UK commitment to Global Partnership for Education

2 February 2018

Commenting on behalf of the International Development Committee, the Chair, Stephen Twigg MP (Labour) and Henry Smith (Conservative, and the Committee's rapporteur on education) said:

“We firmly believe that without an educated population, a country cannot progress out of poverty. We believe that the British public can see the value of funding global education – a fundamental human right which underpins the improvement of lives around the world but particularly in the poorest countries.
We are very disappointed that the UK pledge falls so far short of our recommendation. 
The Secretary of State has announced a pledge of £225 million over three years to the Global Partnership for Education, saying this is an increase of almost 50%. In the last replenishment, DFID pledged £300 million over four years - the exact same per year figure as this time.
In reality, DFID delivered only £210 million, £90 million short of its original pledge. This was as a result of UK imposed conditions - a cap of 15% - which will remain in place this time round. 
The UK has played a leading role in supporting GPE. It is vital that this continues despite the disappointing level of the UK pledge today. We regard the Global partnership as a highly credible and effective vehicle for global education.”

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