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The future of UK-EU development cooperation inquiry launched

15 March 2017

The International Development Committee is holding an inquiry into The future of UK-EU development cooperation

Scope of the inquiry

This inquiry will focus specifically on what the relationship on aid and international development should be with the EU after the UK leaves. In particular, the Committee would welcome written evidence addressing some or all of the following:

  • Options for UK collaboration with the EU on development after UK Exit from the EU, especially with respect to aid, trade and climate policy affecting developing countries.
    o Whether, after its departure, the UK should continue to contribute to development through the EU and if so, how this could operate without the UK being a Member State, and how such spending should be scrutinised.
    o Whether the UK should participate in joint programming with the EU?
    o How the UK should operate in areas where it had previously relied on the EU (especially ECHO) leading, for example Yemen, North and South Sudan, and Jordan.
    o How the UK might manage future collaboration with the EU on other aspects of development policy.
  • Coherence of UK and EU policy frameworks for international development in the future, for example in relation to DFID's priorities as set out in the Bilateral Development Review (such as the Arc of Instability, stretching from Somalia across the Sahel to Northern Nigeria).
  • Whether the UK will have residual obligations after leaving the EU. For example, in respect of commitments made but not disbursed from the 2014-20 Multi-Annual Financial Framework, and to the European Development Fund into the 2020s?
  • Whether there is likely to be a reduction in EU development funding for Commonwealth countries.

Written Submissions

The deadline for written submissions is Monday 15 May 2017. The Committee values diversity and seeks to ensure this where possible. We encourage members of underrepresented groups to submit written evidence.

The Committee considers requests for reasonable adjustments to its usual arrangements for taking evidence and publishing material, to enhance access. Please contact or telephone 020 7219 1223.

Written evidence submitted should:
Have a one page summary at the front
Be no longer than 3000 words in length


As a Member of the EU, the UK currently contributes £1.3bn a year as Official Development Assistance (ODA) through the EU Budget and the European Development Fund. This forms part of the UK's commitment to spend 0.7% of GNI each year on development assistance. The UK is also bound by EU trade policy with respect to developing countries; and works closely with the EU on development-related aspects of foreign and security policy, and with respect to climate.

Further information

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