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Joint Committee continues inquiry into data and privacy

9 July 2019

Most people do not know the companies that use their data, do not know whether this data is accurate, for what purposes it is used, or with whom it is being shared and the consequences of this processing. Last week the Committee was told that the “consent model is broken.”  In this session, the Human Rights Committee will look at data sharing

Purpose of the session

Areas for discussion are likely to include:

  • Enforcement of data protection laws against companies that buy and sell people's data: are any loopholes or weaknesses in the existing laws that companies might be able to exploit? What needs to be done?
  • It is recommended (and in some cases compulsory) that organisations carry out impact assessments to evaluate the risks of data sharing to children. Do organisations make sure that children's rights and interests are protected?
  • Should there be separate frameworks for automated decision making and profiling?
  • Best practice in enforcing EU protection law, protection of data sent outside the EU and the potential effects of different data protection laws in different jurisdictions.


Wednesday 10 July 2019, Committee Room 1, Palace of Westminster

From 3.15pm

  • Ailidh Callander, Legal Officer, Privacy International 
  • Tamsin Allen, Partner, Head of Media and Information Law, Bindmans LLP 
  • Richard Cumbley, Partner, Global Head of TMT/IP, Linklaters LLP

Further information

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