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Safety of personal data examined

2 July 2019

The Joint Committee on Human Rights questions experts on the collection and storage of personal data.

Purpose of the session

The session will cover:

  • Purpose: how does data collection and storage help users? Can it be used to strengthen individual human rights?
  • Methods: how much is collected directly and how much bought from third parties – and on what legal basis?
  • Consumer awareness: how do companies ensure that users know what is being done with their data – including that collected from baby monitors, toy dolls and voice controlled TVs?
  • Principles of data protection: how to ensure that data profiling is lawful and proportionate?
  • Security: how to protect against breaches – especially cloud storage?


Wednesday 3 July 2019, Committee room 4A, Palace of Westminster, at 3.15pm.

In this session, the Human Rights Committee will look at data protection and storage, with:

  • Professor Victoria Nash, Deputy Director. Associate Professor and Senior Policy Fellow, Oxford Internet Institute.
  • Dr Reuben Binns, Postdoc researcher, Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford.
  • Alexander Hazell, Head of UK Legal and Data Protection Officer and Jed Mole, VP Marketing, Axciom.
  • Madhumita Murgia, European Technology Correspondent, FT.

Further information

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