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Human Rights in care settings inquiry hears views from representatives of care providers

8 March 2022

The Joint Committee on Human Rights continues its inquiry into protecting human rights in care settings on Wednesday 9 March when it takes evidence from witnesses representing the National Care Association, National Care Forum, the British Institute of Human Rights, Essex Autonomy Project and Access Social Care.

Purpose of the session

The first panel will focus on the issue of personal autonomy and enforcement of human rights. It will examine how care users and relatives are involved in deciding their care and treatment, particularly for individuals who may lack capacity to make decisions. It will also investigate current mechanisms for seeking redress when human rights have been breached, including the role of the Care Quality Commission. 

The second panel will hear the perspectives from representatives of care providers on their approach to respecting the human rights of those under their care. This is likely to include how care homes have dealt with visiting restrictions during the pandemic and how staff can be trained to ensure that the human rights of care users are protected. 


Wednesday 9 March 2022

Panel one, from 3pm 

  • Professor Wayne Martin, Principal Investigator at Essex Autonomy Project
  • Sanchita Hosali, CEO of the British Institute of Human Rights
  • Kari Gerstheimer, founder and CEO of Access Social Care 

Panel two 

  • Professor Vic Rayner OBE, CEO of the National Care Forum
  • Nadra Ahmed OBE, Chairman of the National Care Association 

Further information

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