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Committee to take evidence on  Government’s Independent Review of the Human Rights Act 

23 March 2021

In the final session of this inquiry, MPs and Peers will consider the impact of the Human Rights Act on the enforcement of human rights in the UK and whether there is any case for reform of the Act.

Purpose of the session

During the inquiry, the Committee has received evidence from witnesses with wide-ranging experiences of the Human Rights Act and will use the final session to explore this with legal experts and practitioners.

Likely topics for questions include:

  • The balance between enabling individuals to enforce their rights and effective government
  • The impact of the Human Rights Act on Parliamentary sovereignty
  • Territorial limits on the application of the Human Rights Act
  • The impact of any potential reforms on the right to an effective remedy
  • Whether more could be done to address negative misconceptions about the Act.


Wednesday 24 March

At 3pm

  • Professor Graham Gee, Professor of Public Law, University of Sheffield
  • Richard Hermer QC, Matrix Chambers
  • Helen Mountfield QC, Matrix Chambers
  • Joshua Rozenberg QC

Further information

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