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Baroness Casey questioned on findings of Met Police review – Prevent Review examined with Security Minister

21 March 2023

The Home Affairs Committee will question Baroness Louise Casey on Wednesday 22 March about the findings and recommendations of her review into the culture and standards of behaviour in the Metropolitan Police Service, scheduled to be published on Tuesday 21 March. 

The review was launched in October 2021, following the sentencing of Wayne Couzens, with a remit to examine the police force’s leadership, recruitment, vetting, training and communications. Outlining her interim findings, Baroness Casey found that the misconduct system is “not delivering in a way the public would expect it to” and requires “radical and wholesale reform”. 

The Committee will then question Minister for Security, Tom Tugendhat MP on the findings of the independent Prevent Review, published in February. Launched in 2003, Prevent is the UK’s intervention programme to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism.  

In his review, William Shawcross found that the programme was “broadly right in its objectives” and fulfilled many of its function to good effect. However it also warned that its focus had widened beyond its original scope to include safeguarding, funded projects without a clear terror-prevention purpose, and underplayed the role of ideology in the development of terrorist behaviour. 

The session will examine the Government’s current assessment of the terrorism threat in the UK from Islamist, extreme right-wing and other motivations. It will also investigate the Government’s response to the Shawcross Review and ask what plans it has to implement its recommendations. 


Wednesday 22 March Committee Room 8, Palace of Westminster

From 2.45pm: 

  • The Baroness Casey of Blackstock DBE CB, Leader of the Casey Review into the culture of the Metropolitan Police Service


  • Rt Hon Tom Tugendhat MP, Minister for Security, Home Office

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