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Specialist Advisers sought for inquiry into Human Trafficking in the UK

7 February 2023

The Home Affairs Select Committee seeks to appoint up to two Specialist Advisers for its inquiry into Human Trafficking in the UK. The post is expected to run from April throughout 2023.

About the role

The duties of the Specialist Advisers include:

  • advising the Committee, orally and in writing, on key issues in policy and legislation related to human trafficking in the UK,
  • assisting with the preparation of written briefing material and lines of questioning for oral evidence sessions,
  • assisting in reviewing and analysing oral and written evidence and;
  • contributing to a draft report, in particular advising on matters of factual and technical accuracy as well as tone.

The work is likely to be unevenly distributed over time, but you would be expected to work no more than 2-4 days per month on a flexible basis, although in practical terms the workload may be less at different times, depending on the Committee’s programme.

A proportion of the role can be fulfilled remotely; however you will be expected to attend meetings for which your expertise is relevant, including evidence sessions and some private deliberative meetings to consider programmes of work or draft reports. Time and expenses will be payable. A daily fee is paid to Advisers on the basis of an established scale, plus reasonable expenses, for example for travel to and from Westminster if necessary (further information available on application).

Requirements of the role

Candidates for the Specialist Adviser role will need to demonstrate the following:

  • Significant professional experience or knowledge of human trafficking in the UK, particularly (but not limited to) knowledge of trafficking for sexual exploitation.
  • A broad understanding, gained through personal or professional experience, of policy issues commonly affecting victims of trafficking in the UK.
  • Credibility and authority within policy, academic, or social care sectors.
  • Experience of advising and influencing at a senior level in a politically impartial manner and dealing with challenge.
  • Ability to provide objective, evidence-based analysis and advice to tight deadlines.
  • Experience of analysing and interpreting data and statistics within this policy area.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.

How to apply

Individuals who wish to be considered for appointment should send a brief CV—no more than three pages, a short covering letter of no more than 500 words, and a declaration of relevant interests to by 5pm on Friday 10 March. Interviews are expected to take place in w/c 20 March via Microsoft Teams, with a view to the Committee confirming appointment as soon as possible after this date.

The covering letter, which should be addressed to the Chair of the Home Affairs Committee, should set out the candidate's relevant expertise, give an indication of the amount of time they could realistically devote to Committee work, and confirm the ability to take on work at short notice if required.

The declaration of interests should include anything that a reasonable person might consider could influence the advice which might be given to the Committee: for example, active membership of a campaign group or relevant financial arrangement. Declared interests from successful applicants will be published. Applicants must demonstrate that they have the right to work in the UK.

For further information or to discuss the role, contact the Committee secretariat:

Further information

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