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Evidence session on policing and organisation of vigils

24 March 2021

The Home Affairs Committee examines the organisation and policing of vigils for Sarah Everard in an evidence session.


Wednesday 24 March, 10am

Panel one

  • Anna Birley, Reclaim These Streets
  • Griff Ferris, Legal Observer, Black Protest Legal Support
  • Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP, Member of Parliament for Streatham

Panel two

  • CC Craig Guilford, Nottinghamshire Police

Purpose of the session

Vigils for Sarah Everard took place across the country over the weekend of 13 and 14 March.

Different approaches were taken to the preparation and policing of these assemblies at different sites across the country.

Many passed without incident. However there were clashes between police and attendees, notably at Clapham Common.

The session takes evidence from people involved about their perspectives of the events that took place.

This includes the reasoning behind different approaches to policing and organisation, and the impact this had on how different events were managed.

It also looks for what lessons can be learned from these events.

Further information

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