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Public health post-2013 inquiry launch

27 October 2015

The Health Committee announce short overview inquiry into the impact on public health post-2013 of the Health and Social Care Act reforms.

Scope of inquiry

The Committee plans to consider the impact of the structural changes at a general level, and is likely to consider in particular:

  • The delivery of public health functions
  • The effectiveness of local authorities in delivering the envisaged improvements to public health
  • The public health workforce
  • Public health spending.

In addition to this initial overview, the Committee plans to hold a small number of individual “case study” evidence sessions, focusing in greater depth on specific service areas or aspects of public health provision. If you have suggestions for a “case study” area of public health provision which warrants further consideration, please include details in your submission.

Written submissions

The Committee invites short written submissions (no more than 3,000 words) on this subject. The deadline for receipt of submissions is Friday 4 December 2015.

Further information

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