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People’s ‘lived experience’ published in Assisted dying/assisted suicide inquiry

7 July 2023

The Health and Social Care Committee has published a series of anonymised transcripts from roundtable events held to enable people with ‘lived experience’ to contribute to the Assisted suicide/assisted dying inquiry.

The published transcripts from five events, with a further five transcripts to follow shortly, will feed into the Committee’s report which will make recommendations to Government on the subject.

The Committee heard from people who were both opposed to and in favour of a change in the law, based on their lived experience. This included people who had cared for a loved one who had made a decision to access assisted dying/assisted suicide services in Switzerland, people who wanted access to the services themselves and those who were opposed to a change in the law due to their own personal circumstances or values.

Also taking part in the roundtables were healthcare professionals from a wide range of medical fields including psychiatry, geriatrics, and specialist palliative medicine, as well as professionals working in a hospice or community care setting.

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