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UK vaping industry called to account following rise in use among children

23 June 2023

Representatives of the UK vaping industry appear before the Health and Social Committee following a rise in the use of e-cigarettes by children and young people.


Wednesday 28 June 2023

At 10.05am

  • Deborah Arnott, Chief Executive, Action on Smoking & Health
  • Dr Helen Stewart, Officer for Child Protection, Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health
  • Laranya Caslin, Principal, St George’s Academy, Sleaford

At 10.45pm

  • John Dunne, Director General, UK Vaping Industry Association
  • Marcus Saxton, Chairman, Independent British Vape Trade Association

This topical session follows a consultation by the government on action needed to reduce vaping among those under 18.

Chair of the Health and Social Care Committee Steve Brine said:

“While vaping has benefits for those who want to give up cigarettes, this committee is particularly concerned at the marketing practices of the vaping industry with products that appeal to children under 18 with use of flavours and bright colours.

“We’re calling in representatives of the vaping industry to question them about the rise in youth vaping and who is responsible for it. Brands that are popular with children can cost less than £3 for a disposable, a pocket money price.

“We’ll also be considering measures that the government is proposing to reduce the rise in vaping among under 18s and how effective they might be.”

The session will examine options to restrict access to vapes such as banning or limiting products that appeal through flavours or bright colours and the use of marketing practices which attract children and young people. Better enforcement of restrictions on sales to under 18s and pricing increases are also likely to be considered.

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Image: CDC on Unsplash