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MPs question how new health bodies will deliver better local care for patients

6 July 2022

The Health and Social Care Committee has launched a new inquiry to consider how Integrated Care Systems will deliver joined up health and care services to meet the needs of local populations.

Forty-two new ICSs were established with a statutory footing across England on 1 July.

Integrated Care Boards, one element of an ICS, will hold budgetary responsibility with duties around service improvements, reducing inequalities, promoting innovation and patient choice and will take on many roles of clinical commissioning groups. Integrated Care Partnerships will work with local authorities and will be responsible for producing an integrated care strategy.

Among areas to be considered, how ICSs will be able to operate with the flexibility and autonomy required in order to tackle inequalities in the populations they serve and whether the pursuit of central targets can be consistent with local autonomy.

The Committee is calling for evidence to be submitted by Friday 5 August.

Chair's comments

Health and Social Care Committee Chair Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP said: 

“New local health partnerships should enable services to be developed to meet the needs of the people they serve and crucially to help prevent ill-health through programmes that promote wellbeing.

Local flexibility will be the key to success with decisions based on local need and not centrally set targets. We’ll be assessing whether this necessary autonomy might be compromised by the drive to meet government targets.

The performance of individual Integrated Care Systems will be measured with CQC ratings. We’re grateful that the government adopted this Committee’s recommendation to ensure accountability with this measure.”

Further information

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