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MPs to examine challenges to train more doctors to tackle NHS workforce crisis

6 May 2022

The Health and Social Care Committee's inquiry into the health and social care workforce will examine the effectiveness of action to increase the number of doctors being trained to tackle the staffing crisis in the NHS.

About the session

MPs will consider measures being taken, including attempts by the General Medical Council to make it easier for international graduates to study, train, and work in the UK. They will also consider the provision of medical school education and calls to increase the number of medical school places available.

On social care, the committee will hear from three individuals who will share their personal experiences of receiving social care at a time of stretched budgets and staff shortages.

The Committee has heard evidence in its inquiries of the need for more staff to meet future demand and deal with the backlog caused by the pandemic, with existing staff shortages affecting the current delivery of services to patients.

Evidence has cited poor workforce planning, weak policy and fragmented responsibilities as contributing to a workforce crisis, exacerbated by the lack of a national NHS workforce strategy.

It has been estimated that by 2030/31, up to almost half a million extra health care staff would be needed to meet the pressures of demand and recover from the pandemic – the equivalent of a 40% increase in the workforce.


Panel 1, from 2.15pm

Isaac Samuels, speaking about personal experience of receiving social care, Co-Chair of the working group of Adult Social Care APPG

Sophie Weaver, speaking about personal experience of receiving social care

Trevor Wright, speaking about personal experience of receiving social care

Panel 2, from approx. 2.45pm

Professor Colin Melville, Medical Director and Director of Education and Standards, General Medical Council (GMC)

Dr Latifa Patel, interim chair of the British Medical Association representative body, paediatric respiratory doctor   

Professor Malcolm Reed, Dean of Brighton and Sussex Medical School, Lead Co-Chair of the Medical Schools Council

Panel 3 from approx. 3.30pm

Lara Akinnawonu, medical student at Cardiff University, co-chair of the BMA Medical Student Committee

Professor Hazel Scott, Dean of the School of Medicine, University of Liverpool

Professor Scott Wilkes, Head of School of Medicine, Professor of General Practice and Primary Care, University of Sunderland

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