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Minister of State for Health questioned on NHS Overseas Visitor Charging Regulation

21 June 2019

The Health and Social Care Committee will hear briefly from the Minister of State for Health, Stephen Hammond, on the Government's review of the impact of NHS Overseas Visitor Charging Regulation. This follows the Secretary of State's refusal to provide the Committee with a copy of the review.


Tuesday 25 June in Committee Room 15, Palace of Westminster

At 2.30pm

  • Rt Hon Stephen Hammond MP, Minister of State for Health
  • Sir Chris Wormald, Permanent Secretary, Department of Health and Social Care

Purpose of the session

On 12 December 2018, the Minister for Health made a written statement on the Department's review of the impact of the changes to the NHS Overseas Visitor Charing Regulation. The Minister said that the changes to the Regulations have not led to overseas visitors being deterred from treatment or had an impact on public health. The Department did not publish the Review.

The Committee wrote to the Secretary of State requesting a copy of the review and of the evidence provided to it, assuring him of confidentiality. The Secretary of State twice refused the Committee's request.

In the absence of the Secretary of State, the Committee will hear from Minister of State for Health, Stephen Hammond, and the permanent secretary, Sir Chris Wormald. 

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