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A session is a parliamentary year. Sessions normally begin in the Spring with the State Opening of Parliament and run for about 12 months. There are normally five sessions in each Parliament.

Fourth Special Report: Global Britain and South America: Government Response to Committee’s Twentieth Report of Session 2017–19
HC 669
Special Report
Fifth Special Report: Responding to irregular migration: A diplomatic route: Government Response to Committee’s First Report of Session 2019
HC 670
Special Report
Third Special Report: Viral Immunity—The FCO’s role in building a coalition against COVID-19:Government Response to the Committee’s First Report
HC 449
Special Report
Second Special Report: “Media freedom is under attack”: FCO’s defence of an endangered liberty:Government Response to the Committee’s Twenty First Report of Session 2017–19
HC 269
Special Report
First Special Report: Government Response to the Committee’s Second Report of Session 2019
HC 116
Special Report
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