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Former MI6 head Sir Alex Younger to give evidence on the UK’s international counter-terrorism policy

25 April 2024

The Foreign Affairs Committee hears from former Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), Sir Alex Younger, and Professor of Iranian History at The University of St Andrews, Ali Ansari, as part of its inquiry into the UK’s international counter-terrorism policy.


Tuesday 30 April, The Thatcher Room , Portcullis House

At 2.00pm

  • Sir Alex Younger KCMG – Former Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6)

At 3.00pm

  • Ali Ansari FRSE – Professor of Iranian History at The University of St Andrews

This session will examine the nature, location and trajectory of future terrorism threats and consider how the UK might disrupt these activities.

In the first panel, the Committee will speak to Sir Alex Younger about his assessment of the UK’s international counter-terrorism policy, focusing on the current threat picture and the factors that give rise to terrorism globally. Questions are likely to focus on the UK’s efforts to combat international terrorism via multilateral institutions and the impact of UK foreign policy on the threat picture. The Committee are likely to also discuss the evolving threat from Daesh and al-Qaeda.

In the second panel, the Committee will focus on Iran and its proxies, hearing from Professor Ali Ansari. Questions in this panel are likely to focus on the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), examining their network of proxies and asking how these groups are developed and sponsored by Iran. The Committee is likely to explore the potential for Iran to exploit the crisis in Gaza and Iran’s malign influence in the UK.

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