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Foreign Affairs Committee publishes Government Response to Sovereignty for sale: follow-up to the acquisition of Newport Wafer Fab

28 April 2022

Today, the Foreign Affairs Committee publishes the Government’s Response to its report, ‘Sovereignty for sale: follow-up to the acquisition of Newport Wafer Fab.’

The Response has been published on the publications page of the Committee’s webpages.

Newport Wafer Fab is one of the country’s largest manufacturers of semiconductors. By the Government’s own admission, semiconductors are critical to the UK’s national security and wider global interests. The takeover of Newport Wafer Fab by Nexperia, a company with links to the Chinese Communist Party, represents the sale of one of the UK’s prized assets to a strategic competitor and potentially compromises national security.

The Committee’s report, published on April 5, followed up on the review of the Newport Wafer Fab acquisition that the Prime Minister said he had commissioned and concluded that this review had not begun by the time of the report’s publication.

Further information

Further information

Image: Pixabay