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Foreign Affairs Committee publishes Government response to Myanmar report

23 September 2021

Today, the Foreign Affairs Committee publishes its Special Report on the “UK Government’s Response to the Myanmar Crisis”. The Committee’s original report called on the Government to treat the National Unity Government (NUG) of Myanmar as a government-in-waiting, to take meaningful steps towards securing a binding arms embargo on Myanmar, to introduce sanctions to freeze the military’s revenue sources and to introduce ‘protected status’ for Myanmar nationals in the UK unable to renew their visas.

Chair's comment

Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Tom Tugendhat MP, said:

“The people of Myanmar have endured atrocities at the hands of a military dictatorship but the response has so far been mostly limited to condemnation. The Government has taken some action but its response to our report misses the central point: that too little has been done, and too slowly.

We set out clear, achievable steps that the Government could take in order to substantially scale up its action against the tyranny and violence of the Tatmadaw and to help deliver redress and justice for the people of Myanmar. Our report called for the UK to introduce a protected status for those in the UK unable to extend visas and for the government to intervene at the International Criminal Court in the Rohingya case.”

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