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Committee publishes Government response to Iran report

26 February 2021

The Foreign Affairs Committee publishes the Government’s response to the committee’s report “No prosperity without justice: the UK’s relationship with Iran”.

The Government expresses concern over Iran’s non-compliance in the JCPOA, but does not commit to working towards fostering a replacement. Additionally, the Government, while expressing concern over the actions of the IRGC, did not confirm that the organisation was under consideration for proscription in its entirety. The Government does not commit to use of the term “State Hostage Taking”.

Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Tom Tugendhat MP, said:

“Unfortunately, although receptive to the recommendations of the Committee, the Government falls short of making concrete commitments.

“The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps’ actions consistently meet the criteria of a terrorist organisation. Their role sowing the seeds of instability, and causing pain and suffering throughout the region, should not be ignored. I remain hopeful that the Government will follow our recommendation on the proscription of the IRGC.

“Whilst the UK’s use of the UN and international forums to criticise the detention of citizens is positive, we could do more. The Government must send a clear message and condemn the Iranian state for blatant and brazen Hostage Taking.

“It is disappointing that the Government has not committed to fostering a replacement to the JCPOA as some seem to believe the agreement, now severely undermined, is the answer. The UK is uniquely placed to take a leading role in negotiating a new deal that delivers peace and prosperity for the Iranian people.

“The real victims of the Iranian state are the Iranian people, who suffer intolerable human rights abuses at the hands of their own Government.”

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Image: Unsplash/Sina Drakhshani