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New inquiry: China and the international rules-based system

21 November 2017

The integration of China within the international rules-based system is a matter of critical importance for the long-term security of the system. This inquiry will seek to examine how China has participated and engaged with the international order, and how the UK can respond to and support the process.

UK's relationship with China will be of growing significance

Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Tom Tugendhat MP, commented:

"The UK's relationship with China will be of growing significance to the economic, strategic and security interests of the UK government and UK businesses as we leave the EU. Central to this will be China's continued participation in the international rules-based system that underpins and protects the rights of the global community.

The Committee will examine China's engagement with international political, economic and trade institutions. We will assess China's approach to the rules-based order and its engagement with international dispute resolution mechanisms.

We will examine the role and capacity of the FCO to deliver the UK's China policy and ask how the UK government will encourage positive engagement with the international rules-based system."

Send a written submission

The Committee would welcome written submissions focusing on the following:

  • China's participation, role and aims within international organisations, including the UN Security Council, other UN bodies and organisations, the G20
  • China's engagement with international trade and financial institutions, including the World Trade Organization, the World Bank & the International Monetary Fund, and its establishment of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
  • China's approach to international law and arbitration, including with regard to maritime disputes in the South China Sea
  • The ongoing One Belt One Road project, and what it means for the wider region and for the UK
  • China's approach to regional organisations, including the ASEAN
  • The extent to which China shares interests with the UK in multilateral forums, including Hong Kong and the continuing function of the Joint Declaration
  • The capacity of the FCO and cross-government working on China to deliver UK policy on China's international role.

The Committee will be able to refer to submissions from previous Committee's inquiry on UK relations with China (early 2017), but anyone submitting to that inquiry is welcome to submit updated or additional evidence.

Send a written submission to the inquiry on China and the international rules-based system.

The closing date for submission of written evidence is Friday 5 January 2018

We encourage members of underrepresented groups to submit written evidence. We aim to have diverse panels of Select Committee witnesses and ask organisations to bear this in mind when we ask them to choose a representative.

Further information

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