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Syria: Prime Minister's written response on offensive British military operations

26 November 2015

The Foreign Affairs Committee publishes the Prime Minister‘s written response to the Committee's Second Report of Session 2015-16, The extension of offensive British military operations to Syria. The Committee will consider the response formally early next week.

Comment on FCO and 2015 Spending Review

A formal response to the Committee's First Report, on The FCO and the 2015 Spending Review, is awaited. However, the 2015 Spending Review published yesterday states that the FCO's budget will be protected in real terms.

Chair's comments

Crispin Blunt, Chair of the Committee, said:

This is a better outcome than had been feared. We warned in our First Report about the severe consequences of applying cuts of 25% or even 40%, which had been widely anticipated. Any cuts in the current circumstances we described as being 'beyond irresponsible'. We therefore welcome the apparent outcome of the Spending Review, but the Committee will look more closely at the FCO settlement once the formal response has been received from the Department to ensure that yesterday's presentation and reality align.

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