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Committee seeks answers on Government’s automated vehicle plans as EU drives ahead on regulation

17 January 2023

Following its latest analysis of new and proposed EU laws potentially impacting the UK, the European Scrutiny Committee has written to the Government to get answers on their own plans to regulate the automated vehicle industry that could grow to £750bn globally.

EU implements new safety rules

The EU has implemented new safety rules in an industry the Government has said it wishes to grow at home. Although an explanatory memorandum provided to the Committee suggests that this is not a big divergence from the Government’s own plans, the EU getting a head start means the bloc could have a competitive edge in attracting investment, and jobs, that might have come to the UK.

The Committee’s latest examination also looks at the potential impact of a proposed revision of laws governing the trade in legal firearms for civilian use. This would apply to Northern Ireland which follows EU regulations under the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Work of the European Scrutiny Committee

The European Scrutiny Committee conducts regular analysis of new laws coming from the EU that impact upon the Northern Ireland Protocol, the operation of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement and the Withdrawal Agreement.You can read the full update on the Committee’s publications page.

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