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UK-EU diplomacy: Committee to question UK’s EU Ambassador on work in Brussels

14 June 2022

How does the UK do diplomacy at European Union-level now that it has left the block? MPs on the European Scrutiny Committee will question the UK’s ambassador to the EU, Lindsay Croisdale-Appleby, on what the UK’s Mission to the EU does, how it works, and how it now interacts with both member and non-member states.

Fallout over measures taken by the Government to override the Northern Ireland Protocol has brought diplomacy with the EU into sharp focus.

Following Brexit, the structures that had been used for forty years to conduct diplomacy changed. The transition to a new way of operating in Brussels has so far been undocumented.

The Committee’s inquiry into the UK's representation in Brussels, for which this oral evidence will be the first, aims to reveal the scale and nature of those changes and assess their success.


Wednesday 15 June

At 2.30pm

  • Lindsay Croisdale-Appleby CMG, Ambassador to the EU and Head of the UK Mission to the European Union;
  • William Macfarlane, Director, Economics and Trade at UK Mission to the European Union.

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