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Committee session examines the future of retained EU laws

7 February 2022

Even after Brexit, the European Court’s interpretation of EU laws copied onto the UK statute book remains instructive in domestic judgements. These laws are treated differently to UK-made law.

Purpose of the session

The European Scrutiny Committee will begin its inquiry into retained EU law with a panel of legal experts to examine what they are, what makes them different, and whether they are fit for purpose.

Introduced in a hurry to prevent a legal cliff-edge when the UK left the EU, retained EU laws cover many facets of our everyday lives, from chemical regulations to maximum working hours. The future of how they should operate after Brexit will be examined as part of the Committee’s inquiry.


Wednesday 9 February 2022

At 14.30:

Sir Jonathan Jones QC (Hon), Senior Consultant, Linklaters;

Eleonor Duhs, Partner, Bates Wells

Further information

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