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Committee publishes Government response to Brexit divorce bill report

27 January 2022

The European Scrutiny Committee publishes the Government’s response to the Committee’s Brexit divorce bill report.

The report revealed the opportunity costs to British researchers and suppliers of European Union withholding approval the UK’s participation in the Horizon Europe research programme. MPs called on the Government to swiftly address the matter and lay out how it intends to do so.

Chair's comment

European Scrutiny Committee Chairman Sir Bill Cash said, “We welcome the Government’s agreement with many of the recommendations of our report. However, the EU’s obstruction of the UK’s association with Horizon remains. This was agreed to by both parties in the Trade and Cooperation Agreement and is still to be implemented more than a year after its introduction. Meanwhile, the incalculable cost of non-participation continues to rise.

It has been three months since we first reported the issue and we ask the Government to lay out concrete steps it will take to ensure the UK’s participation in Horizon as a matter of urgency.”

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Image: CCO