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Former UK and EU officials questioned on work of joint trade bodies

10 December 2021

Former and current senior officials will give evidence to the European Scrutiny Committee on the internal workings of joint trade bodies to build an understanding of how similar bodies formed by the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) operate.


Wednesday 15 December 2021

At 2.30pm

  • Philip Rycroft, former Permanent Secretary, Department for Exiting the European Union
  • Sir Jonathan Faull, Acting Co-Head of Office, Brussels, The Brunswick Group (former Director-General of the Taskforce for Strategic Issues related to the UK Referendum, European Commission)
  • Hege-Marie Hoff, Deputy Secretary-General for Brussels, European Free Trade Association Secretariat

The little understood structure of the UK-EU TCA bodies, their functions and powers are the subject of an inquiry by the European Scrutiny Committee that seeks to map out the framework of the TCA and provide a better understanding of how the new deal will likely work in practice.

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Image: CCO