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MPs release latest analysis on EU laws potentially impacting the UK

26 October 2021

The European Scrutiny Committee releases the latest set of analysis of proposed EU law changes that could have a direct or indirect impact on the UK.

This week’s release covers the following:

  • EU Climate Change Policy – in advance of the COP26 climate negotiations beginning in Glasgow later this week, proposals to revise the EU Emissions Trading System to make it more stringent and widen its scope. The system creates a market for carbon credits, the pool for which is reduced over time thus increasing the cost of emitting CO2. The EU’s proposals will affect airlines and shipping on part of their journeys between the UK and EU and energy generation in Northern Ireland in the Single Energy Market on the island of Ireland. It is unclear whether 100% of the revenues from the auction of emissions credits in Northern Ireland would also have to be spent on climate-related measures as the proposal calls for.
  • Airport Slot Allocation and the EU’s Single European Sky – an update of how take-off and landing slots will be allocated given the continued effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on the industry. The EU extended the relaxation of its minimum usage requirements for landing slots as the effects of the pandemic continue to weigh on aviation. The UK Government has confirmed it will also reduce the minimum slot usage ratio to 50% and has amended rules for the justified non-utilisation of slots to provide flexibility should there be Covid restrictions at either end of the route. Legislation giving effect to the temporary rule changes has been laid and if approved, the measures will last until 26 March 2022. The report also considers the progress of EU reforms in air traffic management known as the Single European Sky.

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